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Walkers Rainy Days



Walkers wanted to challenge the British crisp-eating public to predict the weather for a chance to win £10. To make this happen AMV BBDO tasked us with the visual and interaction design of the promotion website.


Our challenge was to make the user experience and design as simple and effortless as possible, which was far from straightforward given the number of problems we had to solve. How could we let users predict the future, and see the past, in a clear and straightforward way? How could we use a map to convey a time of day, a date and a prediction for every user, for every day of the campaign? What could we do with the visual design of the site to convey all of this information in a playful and light-hearted manner?


Britain doesn't have particularly dramatic weather. We don't get tornados or flash floods and average temperature graphs don't exactly give us a rollercoaster ride. Yet we talk about it so, so much, which is why Rainy Days was destined to be a huge success. 

What we created was an interactive map of the British Isles where players could log-in using a redemption code found in any packet of Walkers crisps to predict the upcoming weather in a given section of the country. They could check back in to see if their prediction had been correct and to see which other squares had won. If you predicted correctly, a tenner was winging its way to you.


Rainy Days was a huge success for Walkers. Around 700,000 players took part using 900,000 promo codes. 385,000 of the participants were new account sign-ups. Those numbers will certainly make the sun come out.