Consequences - Specialmoves


Creative Review


For Creative Review’s second Tweet Up at Tate Britain and the opening of the new Vorticists exhibition, they wanted an interactive digital experience to immerse visitors in the world of the Vorticists.

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We created a digital drawing game inspired by the much-loved game Consequences, a.k.a ‘The Exquisite Corpse’, where vistors could draw in the style of the Vorticists. Whether the guests were professional illustrators or more ‘stickman artists’ we needed to design an interactive drawing tool where everyone could easily create Vorticist-style artwork utilising the colours and styles of the movement.


An iPad application and interactive projection allowing users to draw together in real-time onto a wall of the gallery. Powered by an HTML5 web app, the game allowed the players to transform their stylus with 3 drawing thicknesses, 2 pen colours and 4 coloured Vorticist brushes. Each artist added their illustration to the sequence, following just the ‘edges’ of what was created by the previous person. As more people became involved, the illustration grew across the walls.