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Best Piece of 
Advice Ever ‘Live’

Creative Social


We teamed up with Creative Social to create a live drawing installation for the launch of their new book; The Best Piece of Advice Ever.

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We put award-winning illustrator Andrew Rae on stage for the night and asked him to draw his interpretation of the advice that came his way on a Samsung Galaxy Note. Guests at the event could watch the drawings come to life stroke-for-stroke through a huge on-stage projection, whilst two 55" Samsung TVs showed upcoming submissions and finished illustrations.

Getting all three screens and a Galaxy Note to talk to each other wirelessly at a one-off live event was exactly the kind of challenge we've come to relish at Specialmoves.


Whether it's wisdom from our parents or a smudged scrawl on a toilet door, we've all been given advice to live by. Creative Social’s book features illustrated interpretations of pieces of advice given to Creative Social members. Our installation gave the audience at the launch event an opportunity to have a similar experience, with a digital twist. 

We created a website where anyone could submit the best piece of advice they had ever received. The bits of advice were funnelled through a multi-device installation that ordered each entry, displayed it for Andrew to interpret, and then lovingly paraded the resulting illustrations for all to admire.

Lucky attendees could even take away illustrated postcard printouts of their individual submissions as a souvenir.


Eat a good breakfast, know your weaknesses, and always, always buy the first round.