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Helping you retire



Information about financial products is often intimidating and hard to understand. When AMV brought us in to develop the digital part of its ‘Helping You Retire’ campaign, we needed a concept that explained this information to people approaching retirement as engagingly as possible, and encouraged them to visit the online Aviva Retirement centre for further advice. 


This site, like all of our projects, is about creating interactive applications where sophisticated technology works silently behind the scenes enabling a seamless user experience.


We worked very closely with AMV, from speccing behaviour on older browsers and ensuring a graceful degradation, to working up proposed storyboards from award-winning campaign artist Noma Bar’s creations. 

The final site was a user-controlled journey through animated illustrations.  
We brought Bar’s bold, vector-based style to the fore, providing a fresh way of displaying Aviva’s messaging with scroll controlled JavaScript / CSS3 animations.