24 Days of Happiness 2012 - Specialmoves

24 Days of Happiness 

Friendship Works


In support of our 2012 Christmas charity, Friendship Works, we created 24 Days of Happiness, a personalised advent calendar with a digital twist. 

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A thoughtful gift is a tricky thing to accomplish during the festive season at the best of times and more often than not you end up wrestling a pensioner for that last bottle of scented bubble bath. That's why we made 24 Days of Happiness, which allows you to create a special, personalised gift for your 
loved ones.


Because everyone is very busy at Christmas, we made it really simple to make a calendar. You could search your Facebook albums for the perfect photo or upload one straight from your desktop. We even made an auto-fill option for anyone spending all their time decorating their Christmas tree. When you'd made your calendar, you could share it with all your friends. 

Every year, Friendship Works recruits and trains over 70 adult volunteers to mentor children and young people who are having problems growing up. If you enjoyed making and sending a calendar, please donate a couple of pounds, or whatever you can afford.