Divvi - Specialmoves


Specialmoves R&D

Often we use our R&D projects to fix problems that bug us. Like this one: you’ve had a great weekend with friends, you've all taken loads of photos on your phones and you want to share them quickly and easily. Not by laboriously uploading them to Facebook or Flickr, or attaching them to emails, but in a way that lets you ‘own’ the photos yourselves. We created Divvi to do this.

Divvi is essentially a virtual table that you can chuck your images onto. It’s a communal place where friends can share images, pick photos up and easily add them to their phone or tablet. The table is shared, so that any image placed on the table is visible to other users. And if you move the image around, the movement is reflected on their devices too.

Built using Adobe AIR, Divvi also uses Adobe Flash Media server to sync image manipulation across multiple Android devices.