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Specialmoves weekender

Norfolk Broads adventures

The company trip was supposed to be a surprise.  No one was supposed to know a damned thing about it, aside from the fact that they had to bring warm, waterproof clothes for three nights.

Naturally this was enough to cause a little apprehension; it called to mind visions of drenched and dreary team building hikes.  Mud. Tents. Camping. Lovely in their own way, but things you semi-dread, especially when the mid-September air already has an unmistakable trace of autumn. 

So when the news leaked that we’d be spending the weekend on the Norfolk Broads, much of the office was relieved. To a degree. Boats sounded damp and wobbly. What were we going to eat? Just how non-existent would bathroom facilities be?

It was only when our three boats were gently chugging in formation down the River Ant, that we knew it was all going to be just fine. The Norfolk Broads are breathtakingly pretty. Driving a boat is excellent fun. And we’d all brought fancy dress and enough booze to knock out a herd of medium sized elephants.

There was, surprisingly, no cabin fever, no boredom, and no serious injuries, all of which you might expect with a group of people who were colleagues before they were friends. But we did empty the Wroxham branch of Tesco of their supply of drinking straws, Triple Sec and pineapples; cooked communally; dressed up as sailors, pirates and alarming creatures of the sea; made merry and danced until the very small hours.  One of the great things about being on a boat, it seems, is that you can moor up in the middle of nowhere and have a blinding party. Three nights in a row.